System Tools

Windows Utilities

  • Ninite  curated windows program installer
  • Malwarebytes malware removal utility
  • AdwCleaner a great adware cleaning utility
  • JRT junkware removal tool
  • RKill designed to kill malware processes so antivirus can do its job
  • Sysinternals Suite a great set of tools from Sysinternals team (owned by MS)
  • NAPS2 the best PDF scanner
  • Belarc Advisor gives robust system information including product keys
  • TFC temp file cleaner
  • 7ZIP fast and easy file unziping for windows
  • Putty ssh and telnet for windows
    • MD5 (putty.exe) = ba78410702f0cc8453da1afbb2a8b670
  • DoubleDriver Driver Utility
    • MD5 ( = 98f948a5806cf6d84bfb2dabc8c48a95
  • TakeOwnership registry key to allow a user to force take ownership of a file
    • MD5 ( = 38a8674b9bb64a27ec999fcc9e3df662

Mac Utilities

Cross-Platform Utilities

Open Source Operating Systems