Files here that contain file hashes are being distributed by a back-blaze b2 this is done so that if those tools ever become no longer publicly available I and everyone else have an archive of them. I will periodically update those links to the new files, as far as I know none of the files I have uploaded or distribute contain anything fishy. Check the hashes and use best practices.

files that include hashes are done with MD5 you can verify the file by hashing the one you download and googling the hash,

Powershell: Get-FileHash /pathtofile -Algorithm MD5
Bash: MD5 /pathtofile

Windows Utilities

  • Ninite  curated windows program installer
  • Malwarebytes malware removal utility
  • AdwCleaner a great adware cleaning utility
  • JRT junkware removal tool
  • RKill designed to kill malware processes so antivirus can do its job
  • Sysinternals Suite a great set of tools from Sysinternals team (owned by MS)
  • NAPS2 the best PDF scanner
  • Belarc Advisor gives robust system information including product keys
  • 7ZIP fast and easy file unziping for windows

Provided By AZULPINE

  • PasswordSafe-3.42.1 By Bruce Schneier
    • MD5 (pwsafe-3.42.1.exe) = 576eb56bbf4e54af583e0bf17147952d

  • TFC temp file cleaner
    • MD5 (TFC.exe) = 788fcddd88240a85039f7f561093b118

  • Putty ssh and telnet for windows
    • MD5 (putty-64bit-0.70-installer.msi) = 983d8c71dd6eeed78012112b85734318
  • DoubleDriver Driver Utility
    • MD5 ( = 98f948a5806cf6d84bfb2dabc8c48a95
  • TakeOwnership registry key to allow a user to force take ownership of a file
    • MD5 ( = 38a8674b9bb64a27ec999fcc9e3df662

Mac Utilities

  • appcleaner removes mac applications and associated folders
  • Objective-See has great tools for macOS very worth taking a look at their collection.
  • Creating an Mac os boot drive
    • /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ –volume /Volumes/untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ –nointeraction

Cross-Platform Utilities

Open Source Operating Systems

Network Scanning Tools

VPN Software

Misc Utilities

  •  peer to peer file transfer utility
  • similar to
  • LastPass download links for the lastPass plugins

WAN Network Utilities

  • DMARC tool
  • G Suite Toolbox google toolbox for checking web things
  • a super cool website that lets you look at dns records