Am I doing “IT” wrong?

The Golden question every CEO, CISO, Small Business owner, Enterprise, and even some individuals have in common.

Doing Information technologies right is a hard thing because its one of the few things thats not a set it and forget it, Information technologies is a live it thing Azulpine is committed to helping business’s big and small do “IT” right we think it boils down to these key things.

Ease of Systems Use: Users should not be frustrated by systems and when they are its typically not their fault, users should always be at most two clicks away from somebody who can help.

Systems Security: Data wants to be free and code wants to be wrong, because of these 2 things we put a strong focus on using best practice security models at Azulpine.

What doing “IT” wrong looks like…
– Not having a backup.
– Using a local admin account on your computer as your personal account.
– Not knowing if your point of sales system is using the same open wifi access point your guests are using to browse the internet in your coffee shop.
– Not having 2nd factor authentication setup on important online administrative accounts.
– Not using a password manager.
– Giving the “keys to the kingdom” to your MSP instead of giving them a temporary admin account to do their job.
– Buying consumer grade network equipment for your business.
– Not using an email provider that supports the encryption of email.
– Not updating your local workstations on “patch Tuesday“.
– Not upgrading server and network equipment that is out of support or EOL.
– Not having thorough network documentation.

Azulpine is committed to doing IT right and helping business’s to do “IT” right with us if you feel like your doing “IT” wrong contact us were here to help.