About Me

I am a full time Systems Administrator by day and IT consultant by night, apart from my full time job I do IT consulting for companies with growing technology needs. If you need help building a technology foundation for your business click the Contact button in the menu above.

What makes you different from other information technology consultants?
A lot of IT consultants work off of a break/fix model, this means that when something breaks they show up to fix it. I don’t like this model and neither do you most of the time, this model exists because of an old clunky system that breaks all the time that only certain people know how to fix. This situation is not typically a technology problem but a business one that IT consulting businesses capitalize on heavily claiming to have hidden or special knowledge that holds your system’s up time hostage.

So how do you fix the break/fix mentality/model? Our strategy for not ending up in a break/fix system is as follows.

  • Fix things once, for everyone, the first time and avoid band aids like the plague.
  • Stop doing things that don’t work: This used to be the mantra hanging on the wall at bell labs, its the hardest step most of the time.
  • Don’t build things that you think will break, if it’s likely to break, don’t build it.
  • Documentation: as a customer you will have access to a full set of up-to-date documentation when something breaks we give you the fix, when we do patches, make changes, or update services you have all the notes. Our documentation should be so good that if at some point I get hit by a bus you have everything you need to go to the next guy.
  • Our Goal: The one driving force behind our work is we want the ability to step away, visits from us should be rare and hopefully a friendly check-in to ask what other business technology needs we can meet, if any.

Our services include:
Server- configuration, installation and management.
Cloud Services- configuration, migration and management.
Network- configuration, installation and management.